Help plz! Match Characters that Occur Zero or More Times

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I can’t get this to work. I checked the forums, tried out the recommendations and those still don’t pass. I can’t tell if I’m missing something or if it’s a bug. I’ve been working on this problem for 3 days. Yes. Seriously. Should’ve only taken like 2 minutes. I’m not having trouble with any of the other regex stuff. Only this one.

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let chewieQuote = "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!";
let chewieRegex = /Aa*/; // Change this line
let result = chewieQuote.match(chewieRegex);

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I just completed it with your exact regex code. So I would suggest reset that challenge then put it back in. It should work.

Works for me too.
You might want to try a ‘hard refresh’ or something.

Thanks for the responses. I tried the reset code function and it didnt work so I’m going to try the “hard reset” method. Thanks again for your assistance!