Help! Problem 30: Digit n powers

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The code can not pass the last test.
I think the prevention of infinite loop is causing this.
How can I change my code to pass the tests.

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function digitnPowers(n) {
  var numbers = [];
  var start = 2;
  var added = 0;
    var Str = start.toString();
    for(let i = 0; i<Str.length; i++){
      added += Math.pow(Number(Str[i]),n) 
    if(added == start){
    added = 0;

  return console.log(numbers);


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Looks like your while loop will be running forever, right?

nope. Now freecodecamp can not allow infinite loop,
so there is a limit in the while loop. If I change the condition of while loop to limit the “start” value. The result is the same. And the limitation of iteration by freecodecamp seems causing my problem.
So, I am thinking another way to do more efficient iteration.

There’s got to be some kinda bug.

I don’t see any way to check such a huge range of numbers without using iteration.

Heres my attempt. I figured the most efficient way would just be to set the limit to 500000.

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