Help! Productlandingpage-navbar viewport

Dear all

I couldn’t manage to sort out “The navbar should always be at the top of the viewport.”

please give me some idea


Hi - Not sure if this helps your tests but…

The margin you have in your ‘#main’ selector is pulling the navbar down, if you swap this to ‘padding-top:100px’ it should fix it and give you something more towards what you’re looking for.

Here’s the code:


  position: static;


  position: static;


Dear All,

My product landing page passed the test 16/16:slightly_smiling_face: but I have a problem.

When I tried to put the logo inside the header part I used bootstrap(I haven’t studied yet but I did google search and found it)but my logo instead of the left side goes to the right side.

probably some CSS things doing this but I cannot find. Is there any clue?

thanks in advance!

You have fix it already, Good work