Help programmers

Hello to all the people who get to read this.

I am studying Web Application Development and I have started to use programming languages.

I would like to ask what books, links, references, guides you recommend me to learn.

I am currently using Java, XML, SQL, Bash.

Thank you very much for taking a minute reading this and for the help.


You didn’t say, so I’ll assume this is a formal class. Build things with those languages as you go. Just little variations of what you’ve learned in the textbooks. Hopefully the instructor is giving plenty of exercises. Have you made aliases for commands that you run everyday in Bash? If you prefer ls -l over ls, for example. Have you wrote scripts to automate common tasks?
For a non-technical end-user tagging is a great way to segment or organize their database. In SQL, add a tag table and join it to the main table. Then in the web UI make it searchable by tags in the regular search box at the top of the page.
I don’t know if you need to read a lot outside of a formal class in which you are currently enrolled. Just do things similar to the exercises but with small changes to make a personally useful version. Explore setting a different argument.

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Regarding resources, Free Programming Books is a hugely popular repository on GitHub that has many books across many topics. It’s an index of freely available resources that one can read to learn languages or frameworks.

Other than that, just make sure you keep applying what you learn, I’d strongly recommend picking up a project that grows along with you. Something like a chatbot is great since you implement pretty much anything else you learn through new commands.

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