Help python course

I am a new to coding, how do i navigate the whole FreCode Camp page because i am an absolute beginner.

what kind of help do you need?

Hi hope you are doing well am new in the field of programming i am currently enrolled for a Computer Sciences Degree at an online university I have done the introduction to Python now am on Programming 1 which is basically an Introductory phase to Java programming. Moreover, I’m also doing Introduction to Statistics with R-programming without Calculus. But I feel I did not do a thorough job on Python programming mind assisting on how I can navigate that impasse

Hi, you can click on “Visit the Curriculum” in the top-left and navigate to the “scientific computing with python” course. This is an introduction course to Python and should guide you through the basics. Especially if you already had some expirience with Python, this should be sufficient to go through the base-concepts.

You can go through the curriclum after that, though keep in mind it’s not going into a lot of statistics or math and you gotta substitute that.

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