Help, question about build your portfolio?

So I am just starting the Free code camp course and am on the build your portfolio step. The problem im having is getting a very clean multiple color background like the example site if that makes sense.
The problem Im having is that there is this slight border that for some reason I cant get to color with the background-color property on the left side of text and at the top of the page.
I worked around the top by making the whole body the same color as my first div, but haven’t found a solution on the left side where the main text is where it is grey. How do I get this to be grey all the way across?

By default browsers automatically add padding and margins around elements (I believe Chrome is about 5px);
You can remove this by targeting all elements (*) and setting the rules to 0:

* {

Awesome Worked like a charm!

On a side note is this an appropriate place to ask questions, just making sure I put this in the right place?