HELP! Random Quote Machine - New Quote Button

I need help with:

  1. My “New Quote” button, it’s not functioning as it should. The problem is that it isn’t changing quotes randomly when I click it.
  2. Choosing the right jQuery & Bootstrap in the Code Pen settings.

Can someone help me figure it out please?

Here is the link to view:-

Much thanks in advance.

Hi. I think that one of the problems is that you are using JQuery but don’t have it installed. You have to add the CDN link.

I hope It helps.

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Hi Ovirex,
I will attempt. and let you know. Thanks! Would I need to add a bootstrap link also??


Hi Ovirex

Thanks so much for the assistance, I am happy to say it works, my New Quote button works. Yayyyyy!

God bless you!

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