Help regarding Basic JavaScript: Record Collection

Could anyone explain what these " object, id, prop, value " relate to and where did they come from and what do they have to do with our album and tracks list?

I don’t see them anywhere else except for the function. It makes no sense to me.
For example creating an array to store empty ‘‘value’’. Why is it located in /object[id][prop]? How are they related?

I feel like I skipped 200 lessons because I have zero idea what I have to do and reading the solution makes no sense either. Thanks in advance.

Link to the problem :

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The object holds the records object that you are supposed to update.

The id is the specific record you need to update in the collection.

The prop is the property for that specific record that you need to update.

The value is the new value that the specific property of the specific record should be set to.

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Thank you for the quick reply. Could you help me understand how do you come up with that information? Is it like a general thing about “object, id, prop, value” or do you see it somewhere in the provided code?

It is not a general thing. You might want to review the following lesson on nested objects. Make sure you understand what a property’s key vs. value is. An object property has a name (key) and a value. That value can be a number, a string, an array, or another object (hence the phrase “nested object”).

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it’s in the challenge description:


Thanks a lot, starting to make sense now! Maybe I’m rushing it. I’ll re-do those lessons as suggested!