Help - regarding Random Quote Generator / Codepen [SOLVED]

I asked my friend for feedbacks regarding my Random Quote Generator but he told me that there are NO buttons, and he sent me this pic:

This is what it looks like on my computer and what it should really look like:

This is the link to my codepen:

You need to host your images from somewhere else. Images from imgur don’t work well with codepen.

You could consider using Font Awesome for the Twitter and reload logos—simply wrap them inside a circular div (border-radius: 50%) and you should be good to go (you may need to adjust the spacing slightly.

Alternatively, you could also consider using resource URIs since the images seem relatively small, which works well with CodePen, too.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks to both of you, I will try using FA on my next projects and avoid hosting my images from imgur. :slight_smile:

Thanks for providing some links man, it helped me a ton! :smile:

I just tried using “data uris” its really convenient and cool. Haha! :smiley: