Help Regarding the course of action for a newbie

Hello There,

I belong to a non-technical background and recently decided to learn to code.
I have completed the basics of HTML,CSS and Javascript. (Currently on ES6).

I need to eventually learn the back end development with javascript and NodeJS.
So,I went to a local tutor regarding the same and I was informed that I need to learn C and C++ in order to learn javaScript and/or nodeJS as C and C++ helps in learning OOPs concept(Object Oriented Programming)

Now When I google the same, The results are contrasting with people recommending learning JavaScript in detail and skip C and C++.

Kindly help with the course of action.


it depends
starting from the fact that I have never looked at C before, but I heard extensively the teachers of the CS50 course discuss this: with C you need to manually do a lot of things, and then stepping up to a more abstract language you can do in one line things that would require a few days of work. it gives perspective

if you want, before focusing on one language, the Harvard CS50 course that there is on the freecodecamp youtube channel (or on MOOC platforms) can be an interesting thing to do (it is in my list of things to do)

or don’t and start learning javascript

Thank you for replying!

And I have already started with CS50 simultaneously but I guess It does not offer in depth learning of C and C++.

So my concern is regarding the NEED to learn C/C++. Are they absolutely necessary or What is it that they offer? I would like to make an informed decision as I have become quite comfortable with JavaScript Syntax and I would not want to confuse myself with C and C++ at this point.

you don’t NEED it

if you want to do it, do it

but you can learn OOP on javascript too

it would mean a different language to master before going to JavaScript
like someone telling you that you need to learn Latin before learning Italian, french or spanish - you can, if you want, it would give you an advantage, but it would still mean spending months if not years learning something else before arriving to learn what you want


You don’t specifically need C or C++ to conceptually understand backend development. C++ and Java are the classic languages for learning Object Oriented Programming. In most Computer Science degrees one or both of these languages is required. These are sort of standard languages and it will often be assumed that you know at least one of them. Depending on the type of job you are applying for, you may be asked to do coding exercises in one of these languages. Of course, what the person you talked to may have been thinking about languages used for “backend” development. Not all web backends are Node based. The projects that I’ve worked on professionally have been Java, Python, or C++ based.

Thankyou for replying!

So the job I’m going after specifically mentions the need to learn NodeJS only.
Now With the time constraint, I am in two minds.
Since I do not hold a CS degree nor am I from technical background,Should I learn C and C++ first?

If you are trying to get a specific job and you know what they use, focus on learning that.


That would mean, Skipping C and C++ and focusing on JavaScript and NodeJS?

If those are the skills needed for the job you’re applying for.

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You don’t. C is not in any way object oriented. C++ is. OO in JS is not the same though, it works differently. And though JS supports OO, it isn’t necessary to code JS in an OO style at all.

Learning them is likely to be helpful to you overall, career- and knowledge-wise, long-term, but is in no way a necessity.

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