Help! Resume Thought Process Conflicting

Hello again FCC Community. I’m putting together a resume geared towards landing a Front End Web Developer role, but I’m having some trouble deciding what unique points to highlight/what’s even noteworthy as the bullet points under each of my personal projects.

The following list are links to my projects. The bullet points under each link (if any) are possible resume points to add.

Garments & Goods


  • Designed and developed the UI for Game-Fo, a video game information website, using React and Styled-Components for development, and the RAWG Video Games Database as the data source.

  • Adhered to DRY development by creating reusable components.

  • Implemented pagination to organize and condense the presentation of the API data.


More context about my issue:

Using my Garments & Goods mock eCommerce site as an example, let say I wanted to point out something like, “Created and implemented a compact state management system with React Hooks to execute all CRUD operations on user shopping bag items.”

I can say something similar to that with the Multi-Tasklist project as well, isn’t that correct? It’s points such as this that lead me to this crossroads of sorts. It’s at this stage where I feel like my resume building thoughts are at odds with one another.

Here’s an example of some conflicting thoughts:

  • I have to hit some “key words” for a company’s ATS, but if this one point is applicable to another project, doesn’t that mean that it’s not really noteworthy? Wouldn’t it sound a little redundant/silly to repeat myself?

  • Everyone wants/needs someone to build scalable, responsive web sites/web apps etc. But this is something that should be standard, so wouldn’t this come off as fluff if I were to mention such “expected” points?

  • Am I just overthinking everything? lol

Well in any case, I would really appreciate you all’s help. And I hope this post isn’t coming off as frustrated/impatient. I’m truly just sitting here scratching my head like man, what am I even writing?! lol HELP!


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