Help review my resume? - Trying to emphasize Chingu project experience

Resume Link on GDrive

I cut off my header due to privacy :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m wondering if the personal project descriptions are enough, or whether I should be even more specific about what parts I worked on. For example,

  • used agile project planning
  • oversaw git repo and repo documentation
  • created mockups and implemented design standards on all components through SASS mixins and blocks
  • NotesTab in the chrome extension can be pinned, archived, deleted.
  • Created all user forms and form handling for registering users and new projects

I’m open to any other suggestions as well!


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I’m not an employer or anything, but it looks really good. It’s pretty clear what roles you’ve had on the projects you’ve been on as well as the technologies you handled for those projects. As a plus, your previous architectural experience looks good as well. Also, it looks straightforward and clean.

I’d say that you’d just have to tweak your resume to the job that you’re applying for. If the job entails working with a particular framework, then try to put more details on how you worked with that.

Great job! Someday I hope to have a resume like yours. :slight_smile:


Looks great! Did you create it yourself or do you have a link to the template? :eyes:

I might change Personal Projects to something like Open-source Projects or Open Source Contributions or OSS Collaborations.

Recruiters and HR people are usually not developers, so they don’t grasp what it is that we do. They rely on buzzwords, soft skills, employee referrals, and prior experience working with teams. It’s the same for any professional role. (You know this, @serpient. Some lurkers out there may not.)

So don’t let them roll their eyes at the sight of Personal Projects when you have the power to command their attention with development team experience, as a leader, who overcame obstacles and successfully carried projects through to completion.

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