Help! site not loading correctly

i just started the python course, everything loads fine exept for the video (i presume?) ive tried this on two different computers, niether of them seem to load the site correctly.

the loading
ive also tried it on other courses, didnt change. thanks in advance and sorry for the english.

Hi @Poggins !

Welcome to the forum!

I am using Google Chrome and having trouble replicating the issue.
The videos are loading on my end.

Have you tried multiple browsers?

If you are still having an issue, the videos come from this Python for Everybody youtube video.

Thanks! trying out a different browser worked, but is there really any way i can make the site work on chrome? because its pretty inconvinent having to switch up the browser like that

I am using chrome and the videos load for me.
So, I am not sure why it is not loading for you.

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