HELP! Stuck Personal Portfolio

Hello campers!

This is my link:

I have spent 50+ hours on my personal portfolio and I am having a couple of challenges. Please be patient as I only started coding not a while ago:

  1. I would like the silhouette of the face to go under the navigation bar when I scroll it down
    2)Bootstrap, bootstrap…how can i create space between images? I have tried padding, col-xs-offset-1, etc but nothing.
    Also the images don’t align with the rest of the elements on the right.
    3)I have only hyperlinked the Github button. How can i take away the blue? I have tried "text-decoration: non"e but it didn’t work.
  1. Any way to shortened the coding?
  2. Any other mistakes you can spot (I bet there are many).

Thanks a lot!

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For [1] and [3], have a look here:

added the class: navbar-fixed-top and a CSS setting for anchor tags at the bottom of the CSS. Your site looks very nice. You’re doing great work.

Regarding the images, how to fix the spaceout depends on what effect you want. By using col-xs-1 you’re stopping them from stacking until the screen is very small. If you changed to col-med-1 they would stack sooner.

A different effect, where they resize with the page, is achievable by setting a proportional width. In the example i linked to above I set the img tags to 100% which causes them to resize with the page.

For your site, I would create a class to add spacing to the images, set the width to 100% (which is 100% of the containing div), and perhaps add a margin to add additional spacing if needed.

Good luck :slight_smile:, feel free to ask if you have any additional questions.

Thank you so much for this incredible help! I will begin making corrections. You probably did all the changes in 1 min lol… I am curious, what is your background?
And thanks for the encouragement! Best of luck with your projects! -Sonia