Help submiting api tasks on express

halo guys
i’ve working on a express API task, but and i’m using the boiler template which was working perfectly, until i got to the task for api, since then, ive been unable to submit all my solution
this is the url i’m
when i submit it return an error tha t the task has been completed
who can help?

Hi @olaneat !

It would help us to know which challenge you are on.
Please provide that link.

It would also help to look at the actual code too.
Please share that with us too.

this is the challenge im working on Serve JSON on a Specific Route

Take a close look at what your endpoint is serving versus what the directions tell you to.

Hint: capitalization matters.

i have, checked

message:	"Hello json"

this d response im getting which is same with what i’m expecting, bu it still same in

it would help to see your code.

Can you share your replit link with the code?

app.get('/_api/package.json', (req, res) => {
    message: "Hello json"


this is my code

The issue is here

I think you are misunderstanding this part of the instructions.
to GET requests to the /json route.

Make sense?

i’ve tried that to
it didnt work

app.get("/json", (req, res) => {
    message: "Hello json"

You tried this and it didn’t work?

app.get('/json', (req, res) => {
    message: "Hello json"


Can you share the url found at the top here?

It would be nice to fork your replit repo and test it on my end.

I forked your project and copied the url over the preview window and was able to pass the test.

You are sure you are submitting the correct url and the server is running?

this is d serve running and get request sent from fcc

The link I submitted doesn’t have the /json at the end.
Can you try that?

gracias, thank you, it worked

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halo still in this, i’ve having issue with the query params
it returning undefined as both names

It sounds like you are working on a different FCC challenge.

If so, then you need to make a new post with your code and challenge link so we have all of the information needed to help you.

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