[Help] - Technical Documentation Page Challenge

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been working on the technical documentation challenge.

I’m not able to pass the following user stories -

#10 - I’m getting this error - “There should be one .nav-link for every element with the class of “main-section”, and every .nav-link should be within #navbar : expected 27 to equal 9”

However, I don’t understand why it’s expecting 27 as I just have 9 elements with the class “main-section”. Someone could give a look to give me some guidance on this one?

Layout # 1 - “Please run this test in a larger window (before any media queries) : expected 714 to be above 850”. I’m using a MacBook Pro 13" - I don’t have larger than 13" to run the test. Is there any way to sort this out without using a larger screen?

Here is the link for my codepen - https://codepen.io/nroque/pen/rNMbYKJ

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

The error message for the navbar is a bit cryptic, but the problem is that you’re not closing your <a> tags.

As for the screen size, I don’t have a MacBook Pro but the screen should be big enough. Have you run the tests with codepen in a full size browser window, with the preview being full size too?