"Help the Noob" (your 'good deed' side quest)

Hi! I’m Wagner, the Noob.

I’m having a hard time with JS… things just don’t “click”. So, I’m seeking some insight.

For context: I decided to make a very rudimentary slide show (3 cycling pics). Can’t do it… I can’t think of ways to make it happen. I’ve looked around the internet and copied solutions, made some tests to try and understand what was happening and all… but that’s not what I want. I want to understand how JavaScript operates so I can find my own solutions (and did try to come up with my own code, obviously, with no success).

Maybe I’m not far enough into my studies… maybe I don’t know all it’s tools just yet… maybe I didn’t get the logic behind JS…

Anyhow, I would like to know from any of you who’s willing to share your experience, how do you guys approach your studies of JavaScript and programming in general. I feel I might be missing something…

I deeply appreciate your insights!
Hope to hear from you guys soon.
Thank you!

The first thing that would be helpful is if you can show us what you tried. A link to your project perhaps. Doesn’t matter if it isn’t working. We can help guide you to get it working. That will also possibly give us some insight as to what level your JS skills are so we can give you better advice.