Help this code-newbie

Hello people, i have just created a Tribute page , which was my first challenge in the responsive web designing course , that seems to be some what identical with the base project , after submitting it in the code-pen for testing ,it’s popping up with 8/10 cases passed , can anyone help me in finding and resolving those cases, please…!

The code pen page link of the image

your link

is not valid it takes me to the empty FCC: Test Suite Template

sorry dude…
i’ve provided the code now through an edit , just now . please check it out

you need to fork the pen, there is the button in the bottom right corner

if you don’t do that to save yor work in your account, your work will be lost

Yes i see that but it would have been alot more comfortable for us to help you if you provide a link to this page like which you have made

am sharing the link, but it’s showing me an empty fork :thinking:

What happened when you followed @ilenia’s advice?

This part of the advice

that’s still just the pen with the test suite, not your own pen.

To save the pen to your account and save your work, make sure you are logged in, and use the Fork button in the bottom right corner

am unable to see that fork option

i’ve already logged in

Bottom right corner

I see it in the screenshot you shared, bottom right corner there are four buttons, the left-most one is “Fork”

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got that…
thanks alot… man

i am waiting for my solution that i’ve asked at the top

When you open the test suite it tells you which cases are failing. Your image needs to be responsive and you need to have an id with tribute-link. There is an error in your code for your tribute link so that is why that test is failing.

Here is the lesson on responsive images.

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