Help to get an online junior development job

For the last 4 months, I had actively been searching job sites and discovered that it is close to impossible to find an opening for a junior online web developer. Due to a disability, it is very difficult for me to get a regular office job. Most of the time, I am confined to the house. It appeared to me that since web developing can be done almost anywhere, it could be an alternative career. To my surprise, there is practically no chance to build a full career online without being physically at an office for at least 2 years. Am I wrong? Could you give me some advice? Maybe there are other technology jobs that offer more online opportunities for newbies. Thank you.

This kind of question has been asked and answered before. You might try to use our forum search (magnifying glass) and look at some of the responses given in the past.

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According to a TED talk, Wordpress employs a large percentage of its staff that work remotely, so I don’t see why other tech companies can’t do the same.

Why not try freelancing and get your own work?

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