Help: Understand BCrypt Hashes (Beta)

I’m working with beta version of FCC and I’m stuck in this.

I am doing what it says with glicth but it gives me an error. I don’t know if the problem is me or the site.

You will need to provide a link to your code, for us to see what you currently are trying. Also, what is the error you are seeing?


This is my code for that challange.

This is what I get:
// running test
// tests completed

BCrypt has been properly required
BCyrpt is a dependency

I get a 403 error trying to view the pmg image you posted.

I updated the image link

So do you know what is the problem?

I am having the same problem.

For this lessons
(“Information Security with HelmetJS - Understand BCrypt Hashes” )
you just need to create a new Glitch server with a provided link

P.S. Otherwise read carefully bcrypt version compatibility


Thanks that worked. Looks like the instruction doesn’t clearly say that I have to start a new project for just this challenge.

Glad I found this, that got a bit frustrating.