Help understanding Web3 material

Hello! I was searching for some web3 content here and I saw a post on the forum that someone was having trouble installing something related to web3 but I can’t find the material on the /learn page. Is it in a different place? If so, there is no certificate? I checked on google and i went to a website “Web3 |” That seems to be from the freecondecamp indeed but it’s not in the same way is this website we learn html etc. Can anyone shed some light on this please? Thanks!

Hello there,

Yes, the instructions for using the curricula is at

Correct. There is no certification. The web3 curricula is considered external to the linear curriculum at

As the tooling used is quite complex, the course is run locally on your machine (or using Gitpod). It is not something we can easily (it is very expensive) teach within the browser environment.

To be clear, freeCodeCamp created and owns the domain.

Here are some articles explaining the curriculum:

Hope this helps

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Thank you for your thoughtful response!

One last thing I forgot to ask… Is this web3 curriculum beginner friendly?

beginner to web3 yes, beginner to coding in general no, if you are a complete beginner you could start with the core curriculum

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