Help updating blog posts in Node.js/Mongoose

It’s envincebal just like my user name here. Maybe you can get it to work. Either way, I just emailed you my zip folder of my project.

Are you using the Root User on AWS or did you make an IAM user account as well.
This was all so much easier before AWS bought it

I think I just have the Root User. There’s way too much configuration involved in this. AWS feels a lot more complicated than it’s worth.

I have it up and running on my local machine. I’m going to tinker with it and see what I can come up with.

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I emailed you back a folder with everything working.

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Hey @JordanT0724 . I’ll be really helpful if you can mail me the file too. I am stuck on a same problem and can’t figure out what to do. My email is . Thanks. Much appreciated.