Help updating React Native source code for an old chat application

How is the situation? I want your help, if possible. I have a source code application designed
React Native is a bit old, and some libraries are no longer available, and there are some auxiliary libraries offered. Can I find someone to help me update it? I do not have programming experience, but I need this application

This is a forum for people who are learning how computer programming. If you would like to learn yourself how to write code (with or without the goal of updating an old application), we can offer you support and help as you learn. This is not a platform for finding people to do programming for you.


As per my knowledge, you can follow the situation involves an outdated React Native app with react native training obsolete libraries. Seeking help to update it due to a lack of programming experience. Assistance is needed to maintain the essential application.

I hope this will help you.

Priyanka Sharma