Help us build Version 7.0 of the freeCodeCamp curriculum

I will surely where i can


I’m thrilled about this. This is exactly right, exactly what I need.


Hey @QuincyLarson! I would love to contribute to this new version of fCC curriculum! I am quite a beginner but I feel like I owe fCC so much!
Let me say that as a student and not having a IT background (I am a translator), I found the lessons quite easy to accomplish, but the projects are quite difficult. I felt that the instructions used in the lessons were one and then in the projects I read the instructions and I was like…What? And also, I was not familiar with Code Pen and I didn’t know how to start because we do all the lessons in one environment and then the project are in a different one. But okay, I found the help I needed in the forum, I am progressing and I know that in real life is like that. Count me in!


I love this! I have been using fCC for a year or two and have found the projects to be unique on the internet. Too often I find other resources are just “fill in the blank”. By the end of the course, I have no idea where to begin! However with fCC, the open ended projects are amazing. I think moving the lessons to be more project based will also be incredibly meaningful.

One thought on v7: I’d love for there to be more of an intro to test driven development. Particularly if that’s how the projects will be structured. Perhaps learners can start by actually writing a test or two.

Look forward to helping out!


I haven’t yet contributed to fCC beyond raising an issue or two, so would love to get involved. Commenting on a few GH issues now.

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Thanks for the feedback on Scrimba. We love the tool, and are working on making Scrimbas for the entire curriculum. I encourage you to record Scrimbas, too. They’re fun and potentially helpful to a lot of people out there who may be stuck on the same things you’ve just gotten past.


:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::clap::clap::clap: Awesome!!!

I love the idea behind that new version of the curriculum :grinning:
thank you so much for your efforts


Great idea! I’m all for project-based learning. And seems like the perfect time for me to finally start contributing to FCC!


Would love to help contribute to FCC! Currently working through the APIs and Microservices certification, but am excited to help with the new project based platform.


I just stumbled upon today (this site teach react hooks by building games) and I’m thinking of checking fcc forum after a year :slight_smile:. This is a great approach to learn something new, by building the game, app or anything just for fun.

I have just one suggestion about this, why don’t swap the “learn” project with the required project? I personally never made much of this “learn” project, like this role-playing game (Dragon Repeller by beaucarnes, I :heart_eyes:, just like Zork but you don’t need to type it), I think the logic behind it is harder than “required” project like palindrome checker, but I might be wrong.

Finally, I would like to contribute more to this Seven.0 (The react and redux projects is challenging).

(Please don’t put me in building TypeScript game :smiling_imp: )


Sounds good. There was a long time problem of fCC serving as a good motivation tool, but being very bad for building actual retainable skills.
I think that project-centred model would help to address this issue.


Awesome! We would welcome your help.

CodePen is a powerful environment, and you can get a lot done just using a few of its features. This said, we want to make freeCodeCamp itself a simple place to build projects.

I’m thrilled to hear you’ve you’ve been able to find the help you need here on the forum.

We’re building the initial projects and will post them on the repo soon. We would welcome your help from there refining and improving these tests.

Awesome! Have fun with the API and Microservices certification. We’re going to get the basic project structure in place, and then we’ll post it

Sounds very good. Thanks Quincy!

This is really awesome! I hope I can contribute to this, freecodecamp is an excellent learning resource!

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I think this is a great way to advance the curriculum!

I am especially excited about how this will affect the learning curve of javascript algorithms section, which I found scared a lot of new comers.

I just took another look at the proposed projects for each section and that made me SO happy! Yes! People need solid example projects like these to understand the significance of each lesson.

Sign me up! I’ve only contributed to open source once or twice in my journey, but I’ve been looking and actively preparing for the day I can contribute to FCC. Maybe I can do some of the tests.



Hello! Thanks @QuincyLarson for the big news. Sounds great!
Personally, I enjoyed the current structure and the challenges, and did not feel too big a gap between them and the projects but more projects is a good thing for sure.
May be I’d keep the challenges for those interested but not mandatory.
I also really like the Scrimba plateform to learn React (on top of fCC of course :wink: ) and would appreciate finding something similar for the new fCC.
At the moment, I have validated the JS certification. I’m finishing the Resp WD projects and I’m almost done with the Frontend librairies certif challenges, projects are around the corner.
I’d love to contribute the best I can to the 7.0.
I’m already in the Gitter.
Just added a comment on 2 issues in the repo.
One question: I had a few suggestions to existing JS challenges solutions I wish I had found when I did the challenge. I intended to PR them pretty soon. Is it still a good idea? Wouldn’t be very long and could help some people in the meantime?
Thanks for the answer and for the next steps of 7.0 :tada:

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I am a beginner but serious about learning front end web development. I consider fcc as my primary learning resource and thus would like to contribute in making it even better.


It’s a great idea. I haven’t finished the JS cert yet but I try to help whenever I can.
So far I’ve contributed on some guide pages and I plan on keeping “giving back” as much as I can but I wonder, does this mean we should stop improving things on current challenges (and their guides) and focus on just this new version?
Thank you!