Help us build Version 7.0 of the freeCodeCamp curriculum

When will it be released?

Please add a Dark Mode…!

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The moment it’s ready and not a moment sooner :wink:


Thanks for your kind words, and for sticking with coding even though English is not your native language.

We will continue to refine and expand the freeCodeCamp curriculum and certifications… basically forever. We’re in permanent beta, as they say :slight_smile:

Thanks again for being part of the developer community, and sharing your positive energy here on the forum.


None of the work you’ve done will be lost. You’ll still have credit for those optional coding challenges. But what really matters is the practice you’ve gained along the way. And these new practice projects will give you tons of additional practice to help you expand your skills :+1:


@QuincyLarson First off, thank you for all your work it is truly appreciated! I already am well versed in JS, HTML and CSS but have a lot of blind spots due to the methodology I exercised while teaching myself (simply finding out how to do what I needed to do at the time, and nothing more).

Since going through the courses I can honestly say my skills have improved massively. Soon I will be confident enough to setup as a proper web developer and leave my bloody job :laughing: then, hopefully earn enough to repay your work!

I wanted to make a simple suggestion which could make things easy for beginners: Colour coding, for example:

Array - green highlight
Object - blue highlight
Function - yellow

etc etc etc… I think these little nuances really help the human mind to absorb information as it will help people who, like myself, learn better with visual aids. Just a thought.


Hi Quincy,

I’ve randomly stumbled upon this after facing some difficulties with the sudden spike in difficulty on some of the ES6 challenges haha.

I know you already answered saying that you’ll release ver.7 when it’s ready but I wanted to know when roughly are you hoping to release it? Is it still a long ways out or are you close to finalising everything?

Also want to just say thank you! You and everyone contributing to FCC are amazing. I am currently transitioning through careers and this is helping me a lot.


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When aproximately we can expect 7.0 release? Will it be done before next year?

First of all, welcome to the forum. When you get a moment, upload an avatar and see if you can cement your own understanding of concepts by helping answer other peoples’ questions.

I really don’t know - I don’t even have a ballpark estimate.

Things are moving in the right direction and we’re making steady progress.

You can see our progress directly if you’re curious:


there is already a Dark Mode! you can switch it on in the settings


Thank you for this. No worries, man. You can’t rush greatness afterall!

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Thank you @QuincyLarson for all you have done and continue to do for the fantastic freeCodeCamp community.

I’m in! I have completed all the V6 certifications for the Full Stack certification. I’ve been in the software development industry for a very long time and have done an onsite code camp and now freeCodeCamp to retool my skills for the web and mobile age. I would like to help and am following your guidance, starting with this introductory post, and will work to ramp into contributing for V7. I had had an idea of going back through the entire freeCodeCamp curriculum with an eye toward suggesting improvements and/or offering postings to try to help others. But with V7 nearing completion, I think it makes sense to apply this idea to the new version. I am already a member of contributors and will review the issues on the new repository. I will then start to work my way through the current beta and see what I can offer to the cause.

Sound good? Thanks!


First of all, congratulations on earning the Full Stack certification. You are among an elite few.

Yes - we would absolutely welcome your insights from the time you’ve spent in the field.

I recommend contributing to some of the projects here:

You can jump on a project, build the demo app, then start breaking it down into individual line-by-line tests. This will be a huge help to us.

@scissorsneedfoodtoo is overseeing Version 7.0 and he can help answer any questions you may have about this.

Thanks again for helping us push forward with this. The curriculum is coming along well, and you can help it be even better and arrive even sooner.


That’s great to see though!! We want to learn more and contribute to the society for good.
Hope the creators have sufficient resources to continue further, that is going to produce more developers throughout the world.


this will be great, coz most of the explanations in the current curriculum are really good and worthy of future reference

Hi QuincyLarson,

I think presenting us with a list of pertinent vocabulary words at the beginning of each section/module would be really helpful. Not that doing your own research does not work, but I feel like it would have at least in my experience so far helped me understand the material better and faster.

Everything else you have hear sounds great by the way!

Best regards,

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I agree, especially working on the Javascript modules now the instructions are very vague. I am going through a class on UDemy called Javascript Essentials and now I understand alot better the point of Javascript, the modules don’t really explain how we are going to use it. It is very hard to understand the point of it and how it helps anything with the way it is presented here. I agree with more visual learning here.

Considering that I think that the current way of learning centered on “fall into the water to learn swiming” is perfect and actualy is the way you have to get used while working as a developer, I’d suggest to include in the curriculum a section that explains better how to write an efficient algorithm, why is not good to use nested loops etc.
I don’t mean exactly to teach the big O, but something that can help without having to make other related courses.
Moreover that would be great if there was a section for basci design patterns, so that the student can chouse between framework with more awareness.
Thanks a lot for all you have done and are doing for us!


Dear Quincy,

I had done JS last year and now doing Responsive Web Design, it does feel much better when I’m actually building something while learning new concepts of HTML, CSS etc

Thanks a ton for building this amazing website and community, now it’s my turn to do significant contributions.

  1. Do you’ve any agile plans for upcoming features, bug fixes etc for FCC ?

  2. I would like to contribute minimum 1 hour each week to start with and gradually increase it to 5 hours per week.

  3. I want to improve upon my HTML, CSS and JS skills while doing contributions to FCC.
    Please share “to-do” bi-weekly agile plans with the community so that we can see daily improvements and make this awesome platform million times better in coming years.

Best Regards,

Someone told me today that they wished freeCodeCamp was more project based, and here it is! Thanks for all the work of putting this together.
I’m excited.