Help us build Version 7.0 of the freeCodeCamp curriculum

Dear Quincy,

I had done JS last year and now doing Responsive Web Design, it does feel much better when I’m actually building something while learning new concepts of HTML, CSS etc

Thanks a ton for building this amazing website and community, now it’s my turn to do significant contributions.

  1. Do you’ve any agile plans for upcoming features, bug fixes etc for FCC ?

  2. I would like to contribute minimum 1 hour each week to start with and gradually increase it to 5 hours per week.

  3. I want to improve upon my HTML, CSS and JS skills while doing contributions to FCC.
    Please share “to-do” bi-weekly agile plans with the community so that we can see daily improvements and make this awesome platform million times better in coming years.

Best Regards,

Someone told me today that they wished freeCodeCamp was more project based, and here it is! Thanks for all the work of putting this together.
I’m excited.


Hi, my name is Darren but I go by Doicm when I’m online. I’ve been going through the curriculum since January off and on, and I just saw that this was probably the best way that I could contribute. Although some things are a bit outside of my scope of expertise, I’d love to help out.

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