Help using the APIs for Weather Project

My project so far :

I really don’t know why my API calls do nothing . What am I doing wrong ?

If you look in the console you’ll see it’s about insecure request. Put https and it should work? I tried in your pen and it seemed to solve it.

Indeed now location is working ,for which I thank you a lot . But the weather info is still not changing .

If you look on the forums you’ll see lots of people have had that problem on codepen. I think you should find an answer there - maybe they’ll tell you to use another api. Sorry for not being able to help more.

Thanks for everything , buddy . I’m just doing that , hope I’ll find something :slight_smile: .

In case you haven’t solved it:

Since you are using https the weather api should be over https as well. Since Openweathermap doesn’t offer https requests, you will have to use something like

You can use it by changing userWeatherAPI to var userWeatherAPI = "" + city + "," + country + "&appid=" + weatherAPIkey ;

This will only partly solve the problem. It will now show the weather condition, but not the temperature. That is because all your convertXtoY functions don’t return anything.

Thank you a lot ! I was indeed searching for another weather API , you saved my day :smile: .