Help w/ 182 NON-Lesson Link abdication is lame and insufficient

Such a huge jump to nowhere it’s difficult to hold back what feels like well deserving expletives and colorful metaphors to be hurled at the creator of
who apparently abdicated all actually teaching of this item to another web page, which does not integrate well with page
All was going along well, now THIS expletive non-lesson of non-helpful waste of expletive hour of time that will not run after hack hack hacking and read read reading and hack hack hacking… wish i could just skip this expletive expletive pos and go on but the expletive things BUILD on each other!! AGHHHHH!!!
It’s like;
“this is a noun”
"this is a verb"
write like Shakespeare a sonnet that shorter than Gettysburg address

WTH happened to the effective, fast, easy way of actual matching expletive examples???
this psuedocode is expletive full of NON information, UNACCEPTABLE especially in a language where one expletive thing is off like , oh i dunno maybe an expletive “:” , whose usage should be highlighted here?
It’s like, hyper over explaining the kindergarden expletive simple stuff, but when it starts to get complex, leaving out 90% of it ??!! expletive!?

Seems like you’re having some trouble here. Unfortunately, I can’t understand what your problem is. Perhaps you could post your attempt and we can help you work through why it doesn’t work?

I’m not quite sure what your issue is here. Is it that you’re not sure what you’re trying to do? If the function called with the number 1 return ‘alpha’. If it is called with number 2, return ‘beta’ and so on and so forth.

If you scroll down you can see the tests that need to pass in order to pass the exercise.

I get that this is frustrating, but it’s normal to get stuck once in a while. Some explanation that makes a lot of sense to other people might make no sense to you. Once again, that’s normal. Learning to code is full of frustration. I’ve been doing it for over a year and I still get stuck, sometimes on really silly things.

Making it through the frustration is part of the learning process. So is finding resources to help when you get stuck.

That’s why we have this forum. To help people through those difficulties. People here are always willing to help :slight_smile:

Just keep in mind that much (maybe all? - I don’t know) of FreeCodeCamp is built by volunteers. Be nice to them.

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