Help with a Job Interview not replying


So I landed my first interview at a company on Sept 10, 2017. I felt like all my hard work and determination paid off. In my head, I started imagining how I would tell my fellow colleagues that dreams can come true. So I quickly responded to the E-mail saying I am available anytime. After a few days, I heard no response. Panic set in and I eventually ended up calling the company directly. I spoke to a nice gentleman and he assured me that he would get my E-mail to the owner who does all the hiring. After a few days, Mark told me that it looks like they’re not looking for anyone. I felt destroyed, but I have a very good support from family & friends, and I vowed I would work harder. Out of the blue, the owner sent me an e-mail that read " Sorry for the disconnect on the last communication - we never got to meet up - are you still looking or interested in opportunities; would like to try to meet you in the next few weeks if possible. please let me know"
After reading the e-mail, I rejoiced, and then I responded on Monday morning. I still have not heard a response granted it’s been only been 24 hours, but I the emotional roller coaster is killing me.

So has anyone been in this situation? If so, any encouraging words of advice, would be appreciated. I’m just stressing out over here. I really want to quit my job and move on. Maybe they’re playing a mean trick on me and laughing at me.

Also,I’m having twins on Monday so that adds even more stress. As I would like to be in a new career and adjusted before they get to big on me.

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this. Maybe this story will have a happy ending. I will keep updating this.

It has only been 24 hours. He’s a business owner, so he’s busy. Hiring is usually not a top priority - even more true when they’re not looking for anyone. Give him a full week to respond, then you can follow up. Don’t panic.


Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Hey bro The fact you spoke to him ;they know you are there and they will get back to you bro dont worry its stressfull yes but You got this bro God bless bro also ;I normally pray in situations like these :slight_smile: but yeah bro good luck mahn you got this… I cant wait for the good news soon bro

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You’re just dealing with busy people who have a lot of other (probably more time sensitive) things going on. Enjoy your babies, study for your interview, and keep the job hunt going just in case this doesn’t turn out to be a good match for any reason.


Thank you everyone for the support. It really helps.

Just in case anybody is interested. I got the job. I am a full time react developer.