Help with add screenshot of projects for Personal Portfolio Page

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Can anyone help me with getting an image URL for my project pages to display on my portfolio page??
looking at the example they somehow got an image url from their github cloud. Does anyone no how to do this??

Thanks for any help ahead of time.

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I can’t remember exactly how I did it but I succeeded in doing what i believe you’re looking for.

Here’s my portfolio page I made years ago:

If you look at the URL you’ll see that I used dropbox to host screenshots. If you decide to do yours in the same way just remember to change the last characters in the dropbox URL from “dl=3” to “raw=1”. This was something it took me ages to work out

Oh wow, that worked seamlessly. Thank you so much. I was able to attach my first project screen shot to my portfolio project and it was a breeze.

Thank you, thank you.:smiley::smiley::smiley:

No problem. Glad to be of assistance :grinning: