Help with audio and visual

Hi, I’m working on a project and I need help.
What should I do if I wanted to make a cartoon appears and “say” something?
Let say I’m building a program where you place some answers and depending on the result, you will have a message. I would like this message to be in audio while the user can see a cartoon in the screen.
And about the language, which one should fit better?
Currently, I’m thinking to stay with python.
Thanks for the help in advance.

I’m sure this is possible in Python, though I have no idea how. You could do this in the browser with JavaScript and CSS. Given your vague description, you have lots of options.

It is for an app.
I want something like this:
Type your name: Eddy
"App" responds: Funny name (While a cartoon appears in the screen laughing).
It’s like a random quote generator, but with audio and visual.

If you want to use Python, look for a GUI library. PyGi and PyQt are popular, but I don’t know much more than that.

You’re not really constrained by language here. You can use whatever you’re most comfortable with.