Help with basic side navbar

For the past week, I’ve been really interested in creating cool sidebars for my mini-projects.
The tutorials I’ve found included Javascript with other content and I just couldn’t follow along, so I decided to just do it from what I know so far.

The only problem is I can’t change the focus color for

  • and the sidebar looks so awkward/ugly when on mobile size. The hamburger collapse menu spills over the page when opened :frowning:
    (I honestly think I messed up the divs or didn’t add enough)

    I would really appreciate it if anyone can help me out with this or just make some recommendations please…

  • Well I was doing the code on brackets but I had to put it in codepen so people can see it.
    I linked the js/css files right on my brackets html file- still shows me the same results though :frowning:

    Thanks for the suggestion anyway!