Help with body.parser/pug

I have a node.js script using pug for the template engine.
in my .pug file i have th: b Course #{result)

i also have a hidden field in table body
td: b <input type=“hidden” name = “COURSE” value= #{result}

The value going into #{result} is ‘Highland Park’

when i get back to my node script
i am checking the value of ‘COURSE’. by using req.body.COURSE
when i console.log the value, i am ending up with ‘Highland’

if i change the value from ‘Highland Park’ to ‘HighlandPark’
i get the full ‘HighlandPark’

It seems something is happening when the space is encountered in ‘Highland Park’, but i don’t know how to handle this

Ideas on how to handle this?


I found that if i change
td: b <input type=“hidden” name = “COURSE” value = #{result}
td: b <input type=“hidden” name = “COURSE” value = “#{result}”
i get the correct result