Help with Bootstrap Col's and resizing

Hi all,

I finished the tribute page challenge a while ago but the more I learn the more I go back to change the thing. I have been changing my columns to lg as due to the amount of text the images get really small before the text column wraps under the picture.

The question is do any of you know a way to make the text wrap under sooner? I thought maybe fixing the minimum size of the image when scaling it down?

Any help is appreciated really need to move onto the next challenge but I cant leave this alone! Thanks all.

Looking at your code your only defining colum size for large screen. You can and should define them for multiple sizes.

<div class="col-sm-12 col-lg-6" >

That should allow you to better control.

I see what you mean, but I guess the problem starts before the LG “wrap point” even hits. The text box is already too big before it hits that point. Maybe I just need to change the layout or something =/