Help with bug in Pomodoro clock [solved!]

Here is my link to my project. For some reason, after creating the break function, now my time increase/decrease buttons only function for my regular time, and not my break time, and now my break time can only be equal to my regular time. It’s super confusing, before I set my time function to call my Breaktime function, I was able to adjust both sets of numbers just fine. Any help please.

Ugh, now I feel silly, I figured it out. I wish I knew how to delete threads! So embarrassing.

Will do. So the issue I had was, and I dont know how this was working before, maybe it wasnt and I was just not testing properly, but I had my click event for the time modifiers on my breakTime set to the minute identifier used for regular time. So the value was being changed properly, but the display wasnt. So I was confusing myself. I ended up opening the console and calling the variable to see if it was being changed, and it was so then I just looked at my display modifiers.

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