Help with building a tribute page

So far i was easily getting through each challenge. Now, when I am faced with the first project I have no idea how to go about it. How do I get through this challenge, are there any resources that can guide me through this?

The best hints I can give you for now are these steps I personally follow:

  • read carefully what the user stories are. There are only 2 (unless you are in the beta, but I am assuming you are not): the user should be able to see a page with an image and text, and there should be a link to an external website.
  • think of all of these user story pieces as smaller individual elements on the Webpage. So you will need an area on the webpage for an image, an area in which you can put text, and an area where the link to the external webpage goes, if you want it to look like the example.
  • create a basic Webpage template in which you can put those individual elements. That’s going to be your layout, which you can fill with content. With that I mean: make div, or rows, or whatever means you learned in the challenges to divide the page into smaller parts for each of the elements. There often are multiple ways of doing it. Some more efficient than others, but for now, just chose something.
  • fill the elements with your image, text and link.

Sit relax and just see the page which has been given as example. Just think which elements could be used to display the things. How grey area is displayed? How this empty space is created around grey area? How image is displayed inside grey area and then bullets in last? Just create a pencil draft - create outline and suggest element name, then what will come inside…things will automatically clear in your mind.

Remember, web development is the game of practice - and there is no harm to do mistakes.