Help with centering items

This is a rough draft of my product landing page. I’m super new to HTML & CSS and still trying to figure things out. In the section “Products”…how the heck do I center the items? Thank you in advance.

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i dont know much but ill take a look

I dont know but i would try spaces lol thats my thinking its a temporary fix if it even works for the time being.

You can use justify-content: center; for the .coffee-makers.

I just updated it with that and the lines still d not appear centered. I don’t know if I messed up somewhere else in my code or what.

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It is now somewhat centered, but I think there are some margins or paddings for the items. That’s why it is not fully centered.

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I’m thinking I may just need to delete all of the CSS on that section and restart it.

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You can do it, but adjusting the paddings and margins will be fine, I think.

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I tried justify-content: space-around; and it seemed to help a little bit more. I’ll have to take a better look tomorrow. Thank you.

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Hello @medic_83, use padding-left: 0; for the ol elements.
Hope that it works ;).


It didn’t :frowning: Thank you, though. I’m going to try and restart the CSS on that section and see if maybe I just need to do something different.

It’s weird, cause I tried and it was fine. Ok restart the CSS and I’m sure you’ll fix this problem ;).

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I got it! And I actually changed it up a bit :slight_smile:

nice well done! glad you were able.

Thankss. All was well until I had to run the tests… Now half of it is messed up and I have no idea how to fix it. :frowning:

undo and or dont save open up fresh see if that brings you back to where you were

I had already saved it :’( I’m about to just throw this thing out the window.

dont… Listen to some music step away and get back to it later. Hey by the way are you interestead in learning kotlin? for android dev