Help with code not in video

In the video for how to make a bot with replit, it goes over how to let members add quotes to the database and basically having one list for the whole server that everyone can edit but doesn’t really talk about it what if you want everyone to have their own personal list to see. How can I code the bot so everyone can have seperate lists?

@Mouse Hi mate, I guess you should provide with sufficient information about your question, in order to get answered. Thank you

Happy Coding…

Yeah you are not giving us much to work with.
We neither know the video, nor how your bot works, nor how it does save and access the quotes.
And we would need to know if you just want the list to be private (hard) or public (easy).

If the list is an actual Python-list (though I’d think a set() would be better), then to get a personal list for every user, you could create a dictionairy with key-value-pairs. The key could be the ID of the user, while the value is a quote list as you already managed - only this time seperated by the keys.

If the bot can directly read the ID of users, this would make the lists private.
If it can’t, well then you would need to give people personal keys and anyone who knows a key, could add quotes.

Thank you! Sorry for being vague about the list, I didn’t really know how else to explain it at the time

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