Help with code please

Help with code please.
I want to add a code to my Shopify website.
that is a list and can be selected. example:

  • take 1 for $ x money before $xxx you save $xxx
  • get 2 for $ x money before $xxx you save $xxx
  • take 3 for $ x money before $xxx you save $xxx

and that each option is selectable to be added to the shopping cart

What have you tried so far and what difficulties have you run into? We prefer to help you once an attempt was made at the problem rather than just directly spoon-feeding the answer.


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put this code: it shows me what I want but when I select the option it is not added to the cart

LLEVA 1 POR $18.990

LLEVA 2 POR $34.182 antes $37.980 ahorras$3.798

LLEVA 3 POR $48.424
antes $56.970 ahorras$8.546