Help with code review of Product Landing Page

Thanks so much @jwilkins.oboe @Roma and many others for helping me on my past two projects. That was a great help.

I just finished my third project “Build a Product Landing Page”. I could clear all user story. But I need help if somebody could tell me if I am coding correct.
In past projects I used many tags at incorrect places. I was using br tag at wrong place and also did many silly stuff like putting entire code under head tag. Coders review on this platform helped me to understand a lot. I did my best on this one but I want to know if I have similar issues or other things which I can do to make code better.

Here is the link to my code:-

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Hey @agrawalparul2!

I think your project looks good.

A couple of things.

  • Currently the logo is not showing up for me. So the link looks like a google search result instead of a link to the actual image. Try copying the actual image address for the picture and pasting that into the src.

  • When you scroll down the page the navbar is hidden behind the other elements on the page.

  • On smaller screens the video and two worksheet columns are not responsive.

Good job with the progress though.

Keep up the good work.

I fixed the first two.

Video and form are 2 responsive things and both are working on smaller screen too.

I think it is looking better.

This what I was looking at for smaller devices.

sure thanks will work on it.