Help with codesandbox errors

Good evening. I’m new to the coding world and have run into a confusing issue regarding code editors.

I’m currently working on my survey project and based on some reading, decided to build it in instead of codepen. At one point, I refreshed the preview screen and came up with an error message saying

Cannot read property ‘parsed’ of undefined”

It was followed by a bunch of code that I couldnt understand and googling the issue came up with no help. I manage to find a random space in a tag close that i dont rememeber being there (plus the preview worked fine up until this point) so i cleaned it up and the page worked as normal.

After finishing the html and moving to css, I entered a basic css item and the error came back. I deleted the line of css and the error remains.

I copied all of my code over to codepen and it works just fine so it leads me to believe that Im doing something wrong in the app itself.

Can anyone fill me in on what I’m doing wrong? I’m fine finishing this project in codepen but based on a lot of forums, it seems advised that I move on to a more robust code editor and get comfortable with it.

Thanks in advance.

Please link to your Codesandbox that has the errors.

Hey thanks for the speedy reply. I just went to copy it and, of course, its working fine now without my changing anything so I cant link the errors. I’m wondering if maybe they just have issues with their servers from time to time?

You can run into random errors.

But Codesandbox shouldn’t have any issues dealing with a simple static site. What starter template did you use, was it the one called “static”?

Yes it was the static template. I removed all the json stuff which i saw done on someone elses project page. i gather it might have something to do with that but I can’t really say. It happened randomly and now its back to working as intended.