Help with CSS Changes to my Survey Form

I’m working on building the survey form for the responsive web projects. It’s passed all the tests but I can’t get it to look the way I want. There are two challenges:

  1. I can’t get the radio buttons to be inline with their labels.
  2. I can’t extend the background color of the form to cover the whole form using <div id="background>

Any help is much appreciated!

This is my codepen link:

check widths and heights on inputs and form.

You have 100% width on inputs, so it’s impossible to get inline with the label. There is no free space.

your form has a 30px height, so its parent div can’t grow and use all the space. you still can see all inputs because the overflow property, but actually your form has 30px height.

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Thank you so much! I figured it was something simple I overlooked.

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