Help with details on portolio

Hi! i need help with 2 problems:

1.- i want to replace this code for the spaces between my navbar (the xxx…)

2.- and fix the contact me, that appear over the navbar (sorry my english)

this is the link for the pen


(by the way, i just tried to copy some one else design)


how is copying other’s code going to help you?

Start from scratch. Trust me. It will help you in long run. Do not rush through the projects. Learn as much you can. Read up on the Bootstrap documentation, work with their examples…You then will understand better what you were trying to do.

Again, please do not copy.

no no, i did no copy the code… of course not!! just tried to imitate de design =)
the code is all mine


Reading and practicing the bootstrap documentation will help you understand how it works better.

I would use columns to control the “white space” There are 12 columns in a row for bootstrap container. You can set empty div, like <div class="col-sm-2"></div> to take up two columns of the row.

I am looking into your forms issue. There was no z-indexes, and I have tried using these to no avail. This issue is new to me, so I am not sure.

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Okay, just set z-index:1; in your navbar class. It should fix it.

thank you! i apreciate it!

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