Help with Encrypted code

I am New to Code, the main reason I started is because I was hacked and found an unusual amount of encrypted code on my Girlfriend’s MacBook that happens to be my MacBook I gave her to use.
since then I have recovered a huge amount of encrypted Data and Steganography Images that hold hidden code that is encrypted.
I have started a new life after being divorced and my money from selling my assets in my home country was stolen out of my Girlfriends bank account, a considerable amount.
now discovering abnormalities in the MacBook system and discovering the encrypted Data and files I know that she has something to do with it. I have gone to the police but the Police in this country are no help.
I have used online decryption services and was able to expose the hidden messages but I’m unable to decode the encrypted text… Can someone please help me
here is an example of the encrypted text…lV‰eARRH«n¨qäat<ŸÒÎ¶í´‰ÚŽÃ¡©Õ$=œ.m}ـ8ÒÍH›‹I§ìI<•’’6èþ²x$€±öÛVÛu

Is it encrypted or encoded? If it is encrypted, then you will probably never be able to figure it out. A smart teenager could encrypt something well enough that it would take a billion years to decrypt it without the key.

It’s likely that there is a lot of encoded data on there - things encoded in binary to save space and speed up access.

As to “anomalies”, you would need someone very knowledgeable about mac systems. This is primarily a forum for people learning web development. You might find a person who can do that here, but it might not be the best place to look. I think the best bet would be to talk to someone in your area that is a mac service tech.

Also, most of the stuff on you computer (images, programs, videos for example) is in a binary format.

If you view that (or a sample of that) in a program that prints text (a text editor for example, or this forum), it will look like what you just posted – the program you are viewing it using is interpreting that blob of stuff as unicode characters. That’s not “hidden messages”, it’s just a function of a program designed to render text being given some code, which it will then interpret as text characters, it doesn’t mean anything.

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