Help with env variable passing

Hi guys. for some reason my code is not passing even tho the logic is accurate to my eye and Ive created an .env file and logged the variable there. See anything that is throwing it off?


I tried logging your process.env.MESSAGE_STYLE to the console. When I did, it came back as undefined. I also failed to find the .env file. Where is the .env file?

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Huh. That’s weird it didn’t copy over… I’ll have to check if it’s still there or not

I just clicked the link on my cpu and it shows up. Idk if the .env is hidden on yours or not, but for mine it is just below the views folder. Also my console.log(process.env.MESSAGE_STYLE) logs correctly: uppercase;

thanks for your help. I ended up figuring it out. in the .env file i had it as: MESSAGE_STYLE=uppercase;
the semicolon was throwing it off. additionally the logic of === was not accepting that it wasnt a string.