Help with first Landing Page


Newbie on board-been at this for 21/2 months. Instructor told me my email is not formatted correctly. I am attempting to figure this out. I know the page needs some more work, but I have been at it.

Please critique

Thanks Much

Hi nicb, welcome to the forums!

Good start at your product landing page. Have you checked the FCC tests? Your page passes 11/16. Take a look at the tests you are failing, and try to fix the problems. If you get stuck you can ask us questions here.

What do you mean, not formatted correctly? Do you mean the <input> for the email?

One more little thing: yellow text on white background is very hard to read! Try increasing the contrast by making the text darker.

Yes, I believe that is what the instructor was speaking of.

Will look into the tests failed. Thanks for the input.