Help with grid layout: why advert is in the wrong place?

Hi. I am really at a loss on why the heck advert is displayed on the right instead of on the left?
Here is a link to my pen:
Would be greatful for any new leads.

hi there, I couldn’t figure out what you meant by ‘advert’ as I couldn’t find anything called advert in your file.
Can you specify the element tag you are trying to layout?

Sorry. There is a div element painted red with class “item2” and text “Advert”

I’m sorry, I still have no idea what you are referring to.
When I click on the link you gave all I see is a green rectangle inside a gray rectangle.

I thought it saves automatically. I saved it once again. Try reloading.

you have a typo:
grid-area: advertr;

I feel soooooo dumb. Spent forever figuring what’s wrong.

Thank you so much. I’ll try to be more attentive

Don’t worry about. It happens.