Help with images!

Hi everybody, I’m stuck with a website because I want to use my own images, I did them locally on my PC without internet connection and now I need a place to store them online. I live in Cuba and only have access to free websites with my cell phone. I have a free code pen account and a free github account. I’m new to most online tools and don’t know how to use them. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

Hi there,If you want to use your own images,you can do this few steps:
1.Snap them on google photos

2.Copy the image address

3.Embed them in:

4.Then you can use it on your website in codepen.

5.You can use Github to host your website for free,I found this helpful when I hosted my website on Github:

Hope this helps!!!

Thanks a lot @adaezebaby, but labnol didn’t create the link and GitHub for me only exists in safari. My country’s IP is banned from the AppStore and internet for me is only accessible through my cellphone. So what I need to do only can be done via browser. However, I was able to upload images to a GitHub project, but don’t know how to publish the page. I did all the steps, but I’m stocked with, don’t know what to write inside. Thanks anyway though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I usually just google “free image hosting” and pick one that looks user friendly.

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