Help with isolating elements in CSS with two divs

Hello All,

This is my second time posting and I’m having a little trouble with this website that I’m building. So, I put one div inside of another- it worked. The problem is that I’m trying to have the second div only inherit the same background and not the other properties that I applied to the parent. How can I do this? I still want to use css on my "'container " div to make a navbar.

Here is my codepen.

Thanks In Advance!

Depends on your overall layout as to how you want to approach it as there are multiple options, but the simplest might be to separate those two divs again, then put them both inside yet another div that only has the background setting you want applied across both. A ‘wrapper’ approach, so to speak.

Thanks! Something so simple has taken me about an hour or so to figure out… ARRGH… I’ll get used to it , though! Thanks again.