Help With issue user #5 to user#7 of technical document page, I was told to add 10 p, 5 code and 5 li which i did but i didn't pass the test

I’m stuck here, I can’t get paste this I need help.

Link to project:

Please post a full description of the issue you are having and what you need help with. It makes it easier for people to be able to help you.

I have moved your link into the body of you post. It would also help if you made a title that describes your problem.

Thank you!

done, thank you for your correction

Let’s focus on user story 5 right now.

Here is the error message:
There are not at least 10 <p> elements throughout all of the elements with the class of ‘main-section’ : expected 0 to be at least 10

I took a quick look at your code and I don’t see any p tags within elements with a class of main-section.

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Your p tags need to be inside the sections with the class of main-section

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thank you , I’m grateful

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